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A Tribute to Design

Derived from the Old Norse Word "holmr", which means a small island. Both a key inspiration and a play on the word "home".


A collection borne with award winning studio Out of Stock, based on the Singaporean way of life.

With clean, simple lines and curved edges, the Holm collection adds a softer, more family-friendly element to Scanteak's repertoire.

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A two seater sofa where generous cushions are
held by a natural teak frame - a marriage of
classic archetype with contemporary style.

1534mm(W) x 805mm(D) x 646mm(H)

Island Sofa

A result of carefully researching the different angles of back support, this sofa seeks to marry comfort with style.

12323 ISLAND 2 SEATER SOFA (F)_small.png
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12323 ISLAND DAYBED (S)_small_edited.png

A versatile piece, the Island Daybed can also be used as a low sofa, ideal for lounging and reading as well as sleepovers.


1883mm(W) x 801mm(D) x 555mm(H)

Island Daybed

Clear cushion shapes give a distinctive Scandinavian accent to one’s home.

A coffee table with light proportions and soft forms which are child-friendly.

1000mm(W) x 665mm(D) x 400mm(H)

Island Coffee Table


Good for smaller spaces, or even in TV or guest rooms.

png_10888 ISLAND COFFEE TABLE (P)_small.png

A pair of nesting coffee tables with light proportions and soft forms which are child friendly.

(Small) 450mm(W) x 450mm(D) x 274mm(H)

(Large) 752mm(W) x 500mm(D) x 350mm(H)

Nest Table

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50888 NESTING TABLE_(F).png

Can be used separately or in combination, enabling one to set different scenes in the living room.

MOOD_10011 VALET TABLE 1.jpg

A sleek and practical addition to the home, this nifty table can be used for meals or work while lounging and addresses current emerging lifestyle needs.


650mm(W) x 350mm(D) x 560mm(H)

Valet Table

png_10011 VALET TABLE_(F).png


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