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The Icelandic word for 'play' helms this new designer collaboration with Forest & Whale. In a new age where the lines between work and home are constantly and increasingly blurred, this collection strives to keep things simple and fun with multi-purpose pieces for different needs.

About the Collection

A limited-batch collection designed by award-winning designers at Forest & Whale, Leika offers uncomplicated designs with focus on construction quality and ergonomics - a collection created for constantly evolving needs in the 'New Normal'

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Leika Sofa

Modular designs are easily integrated within the constraints of space in urban dwellings.

This sofa's modules allows multiple configurations, for a constantly evolving living and working space.


3 seater: 1960mm(L) x 800mm(W) x 760mm(H)

2 seater: 1440mm(L) x 800mm(W) x 760mm(H)

The LEIKA sofa comes with an optional ottoman that also functions as a side table!

Leika Dining Table

A versatile surface, and carefully refined, rounded corners.

Dining tables in the home have been transformed into working desks, but some small design features make them truly suitable for both uses.

1350mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 720mm (H)

Available in 2 colours:



dining table angled resize_edited.jpg

Available in 2 colours:



brown chair edited resize_edited.jpg
black chair edited resize_edited.jpg


Leika Dining Chair

Solid teak, designed to last.

The Leika chair has a simple design, with focus on construction quality and ergonomics that ensures this char can be handed down from one generation to the next.

450mm(L) x 485mm(D) x 760mm(H)

Flexibilty is key with the Leika collection; let your personality come through with how you match your dining set

Leika boasts a unique finish that is rarely seen

in other pieces

Leika Bed

A snug fit for your mattress and your bedroom.

The generous headboard flushes straight against the wall, ensuring that no space is wasted. The bed frame also features rounded edges, making it safe for children and adults.

A low, round-edged bed frame hugs your mattress, so you don't need to worry about it getting displaced.


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Enjoy the beauty of simple practicality; with a straight-back frame that doesn't waste space in the bedroom.


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