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Our award-winning collection that was part of a year-long collaboration with cross-cultural design studio, Outofstock, to create teak home furnishings that complement users' needs.

A new chapter for
creative solutions to
smaller living spaces

The Prologue collection is the culmination of research into contemporary living rituals in increasingly dense cities.


Uncovering stories through visiting users in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe, the Outofstock team opens a new chapter for Scanteak to bring teak home furnishing closer to users’ needs.

Awarded President's Design Award Singapore, and Japan's Good Design Award in 2015.


Mono, Duo and Tetra are used here to connote the number of users in mind when designing this collection.

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 9.50.10 AM.png
Japan good design award.png

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Mono 1 Seater

A single seater where one can recline and unwind, with armrests generous enough to place a book or a cup of tea.

730mm(W) x 610mm(D) x 690mm(H) x 440mm(SH)

Edited mono sofa side resized.jpg
Mono sofa close up resized.jpg

Duo Sofa

With all unnecessary details removed, the Duo sofa is very light in proportion. The beautiful teak backrest affords a reclining position for two to sit, relax or have a nap.


1550mm(W) x 650mm(D) x 690mm(H)

12366 Duo sofa (P).png

Structural innovation has enabled a thin, long backrest to be achieved without compromising strength and durability.


Duo Coffee Table

Two layers intersect to create a simple coffee table, with an additional surface that allows one to stow away books or magazines.

1040mm(W) x 550mm(D) x 385mm(H)


Its slightly lower height also makes it perfect for writing or dining.

Duo Swivel Bench

A long bench with a movable backrest to suit two directions, without the need to turn the entire seat around.


1200mm(W) x 447mm(D) x 780mm(H)


A clever detail for small spaces.

"Swivel" the backrest to change directions with ease.

Duo Bench

A teak bench that seats two.

The rounded edges of its legs and seat add a softer touch.


1200mm(W) x 380mm(D) x 420mm(H)

Bern_D1_0087 resize.jpg
Scanteak_DSC_6919 side.png

Contemporary, uncomplicated, clean.

Mono Dining Chair

Shaped with soft curves for comfort, the slender lines

of this chair make it a simple and elegant piece.


500mm(W) x440mm(D) x 800mm(H)

Edited Scanteak_DSC_6785 (without cushion)xx.png

The seat and backrest are sculpted to achieve a precise curvature that was discovered to be the most comfortable during the design process.

Mono Dining Table

Formed from solid teak, this table adapts well in small living spaces, suitable as both a dining and working space. Its long proportion accommodates up to 6 diners.

1500mm(W) x 750mm(D) x 720mm(H)

Mono dining table angle.jpg

The shallow depth of the table is ideal for intimate dinner conversations while being space-saving.

Tetra Shelf

With the subtle play of proportion and construction, this tall shelf is lightweight but sturdy.

Hidden joints and structural details give the shelves stability without compromising its light visual quality.



1135mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 520mm(H)



1135mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 865mm(H)



1135mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 1550mm(H)

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